How to KNOW THE NAME OF A SONG With Shazam

Surely sometime walking down the street you have passed near a car and you have heard a song that you love but you are frustrated by not knowing its name. Shazam is an already veteran application that will allow you how to know the name of a song .

What is Shazam?

Shazam app is a program to recognize songs and very effective. In fact, it has hundreds of thousands of songs in its database, to which it accesses the app to recognize music .

How to know the name of a song with Shazam?

If what you are looking for is “How to know the name of a song”, using Shazam as a song recognizer is extremely simple.

Step number 1, install the program to recognize songs called Shazam.

Download this program to recognize songs from here , it weighs only 27 mb .

Step number 2, open Shazam App.

When opening Shazam app we will find an interface like this:

Step number 3, how to know the name of a song

Now the time has come to know how to find a song . To search for a song you must do the following:

Bring your mobile device close to the source of the song and press the button that says “tap to Shazamear” .

The “S” of the Shazam app will begin to vibrate to the rhythm of the music , leave it like that and the song detector will do the rest.

Step number 4, recognize music

After a few seconds, Shazam app will show you the name of the song and you will see an image like this:

As you can see in the photos, you can save the songs found in a list.

Shazam App , gives you the chance to listen to a fragment of the song and buy it if you like.

As additional information you can log in with your GMAIL account , in this way you can make a list with your favorite songs.

I hope you liked this application to find out which song you like. All the best