How to know the score of my PC in CineBench

One of the issues that worries us the most when buying a new computer is whether it is powerful enough . The problem is that if you do not have a minimum of knowledge, it may be that they have sold you less powerful equipment than you think. In fact, at MrAppsGeek we have already made several articles in which we teach you how to know if your PC is enough to run Windows 10 , find out what graphics card you have or even how to know the processor of my computer . Today, however, we are going to talk about CineBench , a program that will allow us to know the score that our team gets, in this way we can compare them with other computers and have a scale of the power of our PC and all thanks to this Benchmark .

What Is A Benchmark, What Is It For And What Does It Mean In Computer Science?

Benchmark is an English word that literally means “Comparative Evaluation” , in computing they refer to those programs that stress test the CPU and various components in computers to measure their power according to the score obtained according to a table comparative. In this way we can get an approximate idea of ​​the raw power of a PC.

What is CineBench and what is it for?

CineBench is one of the many Benchmarks that are available on the market, with this tool we can evaluate the performance of a computer and compare it with other computers . Once the tests are finished, the tool will evaluate our own system with its own score .

This is very useful because we will be able to consult our score and compare it with other similar computers to find out if our equipment lives up to the expectations at the hardware level of the manufacturer’s claims .

How to Download CineBench 2023

We can download CineBench for free directly through the manufacturer’s official website from the following link .

How to Install CineBench Step by Step 2023

In the case of using the Microsoft Store we will see a screen like the photo below in which we must follow the following instructions:

  1. We click on “Get” .
  2. On the top screen we select “Open in Microsoft Store” .

Now all we have to do is wait patiently for the installation of the program, which weighs just over 200 megabytes.

How to Know My PC’s Score in CineBench Easy and Fast 2023

Once we have opened the program we will see that on the left we will have the technical sections of our equipment, to know the Cinebench score of our system we must start a test which can be CPU Multi Core (All cores) or Single Core (1 core only). To begin we will click on “Start” .

Now we will see how an image is rendered on the screen and Cinebench will measure the score of our PC based on the processing work that our CPU spends when doing it. This process can take up to 10 minutes so let the computer work and don’t use it while the test is in use as it will negatively influence the final Cinebench score.

As you have seen, my computer has an i7 3770 processor and it has given me 3333 points in CineBench R23 , a lower score than normal because I was using the computer while the test was running in the background.

I hope this tutorial has solved your doubts and if you have any, feel free to ask them as a comment. Do not forget that you can share this post with your social networks, that allows me to continue with this project. Thank you very much for your support!