How to know what GPU I have in Android Easy and Fast

Knowing what GPU I have in Android is a resource that you shouldn’t spend too much time on, since on some occasions the same mobile having 2 different graphics cards can have a big step in terms of performance. This is something that happens quite frequently in Samsung mobiles, specifically in the Galaxy family. And it is that the company offers different GPUs depending on the market to which they are directed. For example, in European territory the chips that are sold to us have the Exynos CPU whose GPU is Mali while in other markets the processors are Snapdragon whose graphics are Adreno . Know if my Samsung Galaxy has Exynos or SnapdragonIt is very important since the latter is much more powerful than the former and they are selling you a mobile for the same price when the performance is very different . And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to The Power of MrAppsGeek , because you want to know what GPU you have in Android , because throughout this simple article I will explain how you can guess it for yourself.

GPU What is it and what is it for?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit , which refers to the processor dedicated to floating-point graphics operations . Its function is to lighten the load of the main processor in games or applications in 3 Dimensions.

How to know what GPU I have on my Android cell phone step by step 2023

As we have mentioned before, knowing which GPU I have in Android is very important since there are some whose drivers are not fully compatible with games and applications, causing problems such as overheating , disproportionate battery drain or even poor performance in emulators .

Luckily, there are applications like Aida64 that allow us to get to know the hardware of our Smartphone well . Thanks to this app we will be able to know some interesting details such as:

Download Aida64 For Android Free 2023

You can install Aida64 for Android for free directly from the Google Play app store via the following link .

What Graphic Does My Android Mobile Have?

Once we open Aida64 for the first time, we will see a screen with a multitude of options, since among all of them the only one that interests us is “Screen” , we enter inside.

Here we will see all the information related to the screen but the only one that interests us to know what GPU our phone has is the following:

  • GPU vendor (here it tells us the brand, for example: Qualcomm or Mali ).
  • GPU renderer (our graphics model).

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