How to know where there are forest fires with Google Maps

Google Maps is updated periodically to add new features that improve the user experience. We have already seen some of them in The MrAppsGeek, such as: finding out if a supermarket is full , knowing the affinity with restaurants , knowing the air quality or even the altitude of a place . Today, however, I am here to bring you a new functionality that will allow you to know where there are forest fires with Google Maps , something really useful to know the real-time situation of forests and parks.

Is it possible to see where there are forest fires with Google Maps?

Yes , it is a new functionality that we can enjoy as users. In this way we will be able to find out in the middle of the summer of 2023 if there are fires in Parks, Forests or Forest enclosures with Google Maps .

Download Google Maps Free 2023

The first step will be to install free Maps directly from their official stores through the following links:

How to see where there are forest fires with Google Maps Step by Step 2023

Once the area to be inspected is open, what we must do is select the type of map in its corresponding icon just above to the right.

In map type we will have many options, for example we can view it in satellite or relief mode. We can also see other details such as Google Street View, traffic or 3D view .

However, it is in this section where we will have the possibility to see if there are forest fires .

We will know that there is a forest fire with Google Maps because we will see a call icon on the map.

  1. If we zoom in on the map we will see exactly the area where there is a fire .
  2. We can select the icon of the call to obtain detailed information about the area affected by the fire .

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