How to know which apps use up the most battery on Samsung

Does your mobile phone get hot or turn off by itself and does it have a battery ? Perhaps this can be solved by activating the energy saving of your Smartphone . However, using tricks so that the energy of your terminal does not drain quickly does not work miracles either. That is why it is best to know which apps use up the most battery , in this way you can find out which applications are more energy-demanding in order to eliminate them. Luckily, this is very easy to find out if you have a Samsung and today in MrAppsGeek we will show you how to access this section easily and quickly.

Is It Possible To Find Out Which Apps Are Using The Most Battery On Samsung?

Yes, knowing which apps consume the most battery on Samsung without applications is easy to find out.

How to Know Which Applications Consume More Battery in Samsung Step by Step 2023

The first thing we will have to do is access the “Settings” of our Samsung phone.

Then we enter «Maintenance and Battery» .

On this screen we enter the first option, which is the one that indicates the life time of our battery.

List Of Apps That Drain My Samsung Battery 2023

In this section we will have a graph indicating the battery loss and the estimated charging time. We must scroll down and select the “See Details” section .

In “Battery Usage” we will have access to the energy consumption of the applications since the last charge or even the average in the last 7 days . In this way we will be able to know what percentage of battery our applications consume on Samsung, in order to assess whether they are worth eliminating or keeping.

In this simple way you can know which applications spend the most battery on a Samsung Galaxy . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible, don’t forget to share this tutorial with other people through social networks, thanks for your time!