How to know which camera sensor my mobile has

Knowing which camera sensor my mobile has is the first thing I do every time I have bought a new Smartphone and at this point you may wonder why and the truth is that the reason is very simple. That is why throughout this Android tutorial we will explain why you should find out which camera your smartphone uses and the steps you must follow to check it.

Why Should You Check What Camera Sensor Your Mobile Mounts?

The reason is simple, on many occasions when buying a mobile it will not always have the same camera sensor as another device on the market even if they are the same model. In other words, I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G and some models come with the Samsung camera sensor and others with the Sony sensor . Of the models, Sony offers a higher quality in photography so that you get one or the other is totally random since it will depend on various factors such as:

  • The version of the device you have purchased: For example, there may be different models of the same device, such as the S20 FE (uses Exynos) and the S20 FE 5G (uses SnapDragon). So a change at the CPU level can affect one photographic sensor or another.
  • Availability from the manufacturer: It may be that to avoid lack of stock some devices (even being the same model) mount a different camera sensor in each case.
  • Geographical availability: It is possible that depending on where you buy it, your mobile has a type of camera.

How to know which camera model my mobile 2023 has

There are applications that offer us a detailed list of all the components of a Smartphone. However, one of the best is undoubtedly Aida64 since it offers extensive information on all the Hardware of our devices and of course it will allow us to know which model of camera sensor our smartphone uses .

Download Aida64 Free 2023

You can install Aida64 for free from their respective application markets:

Once we have installed it, we will click on “Open” .

On this screen we will have access to all the hardware pieces of our mobile device. Of all these sections, the only one that interests us is “Devices” , we enter inside.

How to know the camera ID of my mobile easy and fast 2023

This is where we can see the type of camera we have, in my case my Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G uses the SONY_IMX555 model and not Samsung , so I’ve been lucky since the Sony model takes better photos.

If you want, you can leave your mobile phone and the camera model it uses in comments, so you can help other users to solve their doubts. Without further ado, let me tell you that you have at your disposal the different social network buttons to share this content. Thank you very much for everything!