How to know which graphic I have WITHOUT PROGRAMS

Do you want to update the Drivers of your Accelerator ? or know if you have the minimum requirements to run a game ? There are many reasons that can lead you to ask yourself how to know what graphics I have . In the following Windows tutorial we will see how easy it is to know what graphics card I have in Windows 10, 8 and 7 without programs, easy and fast .

How do I find out what graphics card I have in my PC?

Knowing which graphics card I have is a very simple process, all we have to do is use the following quick keyboard shortcut :

  • Press the «Windows» key + «R».

How to know which graphics card I have Dxdiag

If we have performed the key combination correctly, we will open the “Run” program , this is where we must use the “Dxdiag” command , for this, we write “Dxdiag” without quotes and click “OK” .

Where can I see which graphics card I have?

With the DirectX diagnostic tool I will be able to know which graphics card I have installed . To do this, we will click on the “Screen” tab , this is where we will not only be able to know what graphic accelerator I have , we can also find out other information such as:

  • Maker.
  • Type of chip.
  • Memory.
  • DAC type.

As you have seen, knowing what graphics I have is a very simple process if you have followed this tutorial to the letter. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment below, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks , please, that will help me a lot to reach other people.