How to learn to count to one hundred

It is clear that what we propose in the title of this article is not intended for you, but it is valid for your child or children and also, if you are a teacher, for your students. I know that you can tell me that it is only a matter of time, that the children will learn little by little, using the traditional methods. And I agree with you, but this does not prevent me from proposing the use of an app for mobile devices that can help in learning .

What those responsible for Pinkfong Zoo Numbers tell us

Pinkfong Numbers Zoo can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. As those responsible for it say, « Pinkfong is an adorable fox with boundless curiosity. With Pinkfong, every day is a new adventure. The Pinkfong brand represents the content we make to help children explore the world, from short songs to long animated stories, as well as toys and books .”

Application to learn to count

It is an educational application that deals with teaching counting to 100, using highly attractive methods for children. To do this, they play with various animals, using 12 educational activities that arouse their interest.

It is a game in which the little ones will be able to learn with the animals through. They will learn numbers naturally through games. Likewise, they will be able to learn various uses of numbers, from quantity to number of times, going through sequence, among other possibilities. And not only that, as they level up, the numbers will increase in value, until they reach 100.

award stickers

Prizes always serve as an incentive in the learning process. Therefore, those who use the application will be able to collect beautiful stickers, earn them by doing different activities. This supposes one more incentive in learning, since the children will play and learn in order to obtain a prize.

In multiple languages

In total, the application supports five languages, including Spanish. This can help children learn to count not only in their mother tongue, but also in another language.


To learn about the features of this application, you must access Pinkfong . The website is in English. If we want to download it to our iPhone mobile or iPad tablet, we can go to the App Store , or do it directly from said tool on the device. For Android we access Google Play , or also downloading it directly to the device.