How to Locate Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Bracelet Easy and Fast

Have you bought a Xiaomi smart bracelet and have you had the bad luck of losing it? Don’t worry! You may not know it, but it is possible to locate a Mi Band 5 bracelet with your mobile phone easily. You just have to follow the steps that we will indicate in MrAppsGeek below.

What do I need to find my Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelet?

The other day we taught you how to turn on the screen just by raising your arm , but this is just one of the many tricks that we are going to bring to this blog. In fact, today we will focus on a method to find out where your Mi Band is , although you must meet a series of requirements, which are the following:

  1. Have the mobile that you had linked by Bluetooth to your Mi Band .
  2. Be in the range of the bluetooth where you think you have lost it , for example: if you have lost it at home, then start searching at home or if it has been in the park, then in that area. Remember that to find it we must have both devices linked.
  3. Download the Mi Fit app (you can install it for free from the Play Store via the link below ).

How to Locate Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Bracelet With My Mobile Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is make sure that our Mi Band is in the perimeter range of Bluetooth and that it is synchronized with our Smartphone. To do this, we must go with our mobile to those places where we think we have lost the bracelet. To find out if they are linked, we must open the “Mi Fit” application , enter “Profile” and see if our Mi Band appears in “My Devices” , if so, we will select it.

How to Search My Band 5 Bracelet With the Easy and Fast Mobile 2023

Finally, we will have to scroll a bit until we reach the section that says “Locate the Bracelet” which we will press to make the Mi Band vibrate . The sound of the vibration is very soft but it will also help the screen to light up and help us locate this Xiaomi device.

And that’s it, in this simple way we can use the vibration of this smart device to find it through our phone.

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