How to lock, encrypt, sync and back up files

Other people have access to the computer you use regularly. This has its risks, since those users can see and, in many cases, modify your documents and other files. To prevent this from happening, it is best to use an application like Folder Lock , with which you can hide and encrypt them, protect them.

It is a very easy-to-use tool with which you can create a password-protected folder in which you can store all the files you want, the ones you don’t want other people to see.

Hide folders and files

The folder appears hidden and the files are completely inaccessible to other people. It cannot be viewed or opened from Windows Explorer or through DOS commands.

Folder Lock ‘s interface is very simple. Through it you can lock or unlock the protected folder and drag the files you want to protect from other directories. The files to protect include emails.

It is also possible to see a history of all the actions carried out. It is one of the most widely used file protection programs, which we have already talked about on other occasions and which we are bringing back to the front page today as a new version of it has been released.


Among the features that Folder Lock offers , we highlight the following:

  • AES encryption method.
  • Fast encryption. Folder locking is done in a few seconds.
  • Optional backup.
  • Notable security options.
  • Ability to lock and hide files.
  • Supports synchronization and backup of folders with their contents.
  • It is possible to clear Windows History.
  • It allows the creation of protected folders in order to take them from one device to another. For this, it supports USB disks, CDs and DVDs, and also Emails.
  • Allows you to permanently delete files, making them unrecoverable.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« Folder Lock can lock and hide files and folders in seconds. It allows you to password protect and restricts unwanted eyes from seeing files, folders and drives. Once you have locked a folder, it will be hidden from its previous location and can only be accessed through the software interface .”

Access and more…

It is a completely independent application, which can also be used to protect folders, with all their content, both on the computer’s hard drive and on USB drives and other drives. It allows secure data transmission without the need to install any program.

It works on the latest versions of Windows. There is a free version, Lite, and a paid one. It can be downloaded after accessing Folder Lock . There are also versions of the program for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone devices. In iOS apps there is the possibility of moving files from a Mac computer.