How to LOG OUT NetFlix Samsung Smart TV

We recently saw how Samsung’s policies forced us to do without applications like YouTube , luckily we made this excellent tutorial to be able to use YouTube Smart Tv on older models. But Samsung, not satisfied with this , forced us to get rid of the Spotify app on our Smart TVs , because of this we were forced to do this tutorial to know how to listen to Spotify on Samsung Smart TV in old models . And it is that the Samsung Smart TV operating system is very little configurable, if you use Netflix , you will know what I am talking about and that is that when you want to change accounts, know how to log out of Netflix Samsung Smart TVit can be a nightmare.

We have had this problem when my brother decided not to renew the account and I decided to have my own, the problem is that I had no idea how to reset Netflix on Samsung Smart TV . Therefore, we are going to see how to solve this type of problem with Netflix Samsung Smart TV in the easiest way possible.

How to Reset Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

If you have become a new account like me, surely you have had problems with Netflix Samsung Smart Tv to change users . Let’s see how to easily fix these problems.

Problems With Netfix Samsung Smart TV

It seems that I am watching you… you have used a colleague’s Netflix account, you have liked the service and you have registered with the company to be able to enjoy Netflix on your Samsung Smart TV and you realize that when you log out of Netflix from Your old account on your Samsung Smart TV is impossible . What is the solution ?

Netflix Solution On Samsung Smart TV

Here is a video that will solve your problems with Netflix on your TVs .

The secret to changing the user on Netflix on your Smart TV is in the direction keys of the remote . Luckily on the Netflix help page they tell us how to fix it .

Enter Netflix

The first thing you have to do is enter Netflix.

Perform This Combination With The Remote Keys

Do this command line with your remote.

  • Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.

Deactivate Your Netflix Account Samsung Smart TV

If you have done it correctly you will have a screen like this one. Press “deactivate” .

Click “Yes” on “Deactivate”.

Now we just have to enter our new Netflix Samsung Smart TV user account .