How to loop a YouTube video

Do you like music? Well, if you’re heavy like me, I’m more sure that when you like a song you don’t stop whistling it or playing it over and over again. The problem is that if you use platforms like Spotify, Ivoox or YouTube to listen to your favorite singers, you will have noticed that once the song ends, if you want to listen again you must go to the device to play it again. This is undoubtedly annoying but… did you know that it is possible to loop a YouTube video ? Well, welcome to MrAppsGeek , throughout this tutorial we will teach you how to make a YouTube video repeat itself automatically , don’t miss it!

Is It Possible to Play a YouTube Video Over and Over Automatically?

Yes, making a YouTube video loop cyclically is possible without the need for apps.

What Is YouTube Loop Play And What Is It For?

It is an option that comes in the same options of each video that will allow us to repeat it over and over again automatically .

How to repeat a YouTube video in a loop easy and fast 2023

  1. As simple as opening the official app of the platform and touching the screen of the video that we want to repeat automatically .
  2. This will display a menu in which we must select the gear icon that is just above on the right (which is the settings icon).

A lower menu will open where we can increase the quality of the videos , put subtitles or increase the playback speed .

However, the only option that interests us is that “Loop Playback” , we activate it.

How to remove a looped video on YouTube 2023

In the same way, to prevent a video from playing in a Loop on YouTube we will have to do the following:

  1. We touch the screen of the clip that is always repeated from the beginning .
  2. We enter the video settings (the nut icon that is just above on the right).

In the lower menu we deactivate the “Loop Playback” option .

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