How to Make a Boomerang on Instagram Easy and Fast

Over time, Instagram has been adding new features such as making reels , searching for filters or making reposts . However, an option that is gaining more followers every day are the Boomerangs , which are nothing more than short fragments of videos that are repeated indefinitely once they end. If you want to make one, it’s a simple task, you just have to follow the steps in this tutorial from The MrAppsGeek to make a Boomerang on Instagram , don’t miss it!

What Is A Boomerang On Instagram And What Is It For?

They are short video clips (1 second) that repeat indefinitely in a loop . They serve to capture an everyday moment and turn it into something fun through the camera of our Smartphone .

How to Make a Boomerang on Instagram Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to enter our profile from the Instagram application and then select the image of our account to create a new story .

Once inside “Gallery” we will select the “Camera” section .

Here we will look at the Instagram camera tools that are on the left side and select the “Boomerang” icon . We will know which icon it is because it is shaped like an infinity or an 8 lying down .

  1. We will know that the Instagram Boomerang mode is active because it will be marked with an infinity icon to the left of the camera settings.
  2. To create a Boomerang on Instagram we will press the camera icon at the bottom.

How To Upload A Boomerang To Instagram Easy And Fast 2023

Now all that remains is to share our clip with our friends and followers, so we will have to hit the next icon located just below on the right.

  1. Here we will select the “Your Story” section .
  2. Click on “Share” .

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