There is one thing that gives me a lot of courage and it is when I am at my lunch hour at work and I want to watch series online but I don’t have any kind of mobile supports at hand so I have to put something behind my Smartphone so that it keep straight. Today we bring you thanks to Papamanitas that brings us one of those mobile support crafts that will come in handy, since in a few steps you can have a homemade mobile support in a matter of 5 minutes. I also advise you to subscribe to his channel , which apart from being my friend has many interesting tutorials.


The first thing we will need to have on hand are the materials and tools to make this homemade mobile support .

Materials To Make Homemade Mobile Support

  • Pallet wood.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Wood varnish.

Mobile Holder Craft Tools

  • Mountain range.
  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Brush.

Steps To Make A HOME Mobile Phone Holder

The first thing we must do is take a table and mark one end of it with a pencil . It must be approximately the same length as our cell phone .

At 2 centimeters from the end we mark the width of our mobile with a pencil .

It would stay like this.

Now we must indicate how deep the homemade mobile support will be , for this we mark it on one side with a pencil.

With a saw we cut the wood into 3 strips.

It should stay like this, then they come out easily from the side with a flat screwdriver and a few small taps with the hammer .

It would look like this, now we only have to sand our mobile support and apply a layer of varnish for the shine .

Finally we obviously see that it fits and that everything is perfect.

And that’s it, we already know how to make a support for a homemade mobile phone , we just have to watch a good YouTube channel like Papamanitas to enjoy it!

If you have any questions about these mobile support crafts, you can always leave a comment, Papamanitas will answer you. Thank you very much for your visit and time, have a good day and do not forget to share.