How to Make a Photo Collage in Windows 10

Are you looking for a program to make photo collage in Windows 10 but you can’t find any? Well, don’t worry, today in MrAppsGeek we will talk about Phototastic Collage , a free app with which we can create postcards and even make montages with several images very easily.

What Is Phototastic Collage And What Is It For?

Phototastic Collage is a free photo editing program with in-app purchases which we can find in the Microsoft Store .

Download Phototastic Collage Free 2023

You can install this program to make a photo collage on your computer for free from the Microsoft Store through the following link .

Once open, we must give it to start the installation of the program.

  1. The next thing we must do is click on “Get” .
  2. And a window will open at the top of the screen in which we must click on “Open Microsoft Store” .

How to Make a Photo Collage in Windows 10 Step by Step 2023

The first thing we will see upon entering the program is a message that says “What Are You Creating Today?” (What do you want to create today?) in which several options will appear:

  • Camera.
  • Gallery.
  • Grids.
  • Designs.

Among all the options we must select “Grids” .

On the next screen we will have to choose the different templates to make a photo collage .

It should be noted that each template has its variants and styles, choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

How to Add Photos to Phototastic Collage Templates Easy and Fast 2023

We will have to add images to fill the collage, doing it is easy, we will only have to follow these steps:

  1. We select the “+” symbol .
  2. In the pop-up menu we select “Picture” .
  1. We choose the photo we want to add.
  2. We click on “Open” .

Finally we can download our project with these steps:

  1. We select “Donate” .
  2. In the pop-up menu we must click on “Save to Device” .

And these are the necessary steps to make a photo collage on your PC . If you have any questions you can always leave a comment and I will try to solve it as soon as possible. If you think this article has been useful, you always have the possibility of helping other people by sharing this content with your social networks.