How to make Legacy of the Horadrim

Once you create a character in Diablo Immortal , the objective of the game is to make it more and more powerful, for this we will have to find rewards and better equipment and we will even have the possibility of extracting its legendary power to pass it on to superior armor and choose a Good set of skills to save our best build in the armory . There are also events, missions or tasks that we can carry out to increase the power of our hero, one of them is to make the Legacy of the Horadrim . Would you like to know what it is and what it consists of? Well, today in MrAppsGeek you will leave all doubt.

What is the Legacy of the Horadrim and what does it consist of?

It is a mission that is achieved in the Zoltum Kulle Library that allows us to go to the Sanctuary of Iben Fahd where in a tabernacle we must place a series of stones that will allow us to increase our character’s base attributes.

To increase se stones we will have to get 3 types of crystals of red, blue and green . These crystals are obtained in the deep part of the Sanctuary of Iben Fahd by opening a series of chests with Aspirant’s Keys .

At what level is Legacy of the Horadrim unlocked?

At level 46 .

How to Unlock The Legacy of the Horadrim Step by Step 2023

  1. We must reach level 46 and complete the main missions found in the Zoltun Kulle Library .
  2. We will have to do all of them until the “Legacy of the Horadrim” mission appears .
  3. In addition to being level 46, we will also have to complete a level 10 challenge failure which will give us the Caldensann Compassion stone, which is the first of the Horadrim Legacy.

Where is the Iben Fahd Shrine 2023?

It is located just in the upper right corner of the Palace Courtyard in WestMarch , don’t worry because the same game tutorial will take you there.

How to Improve Legacy of the Horadrim 2023

Once we find ourselves at the door of the Iben Fahd Sanctuary we will have to interact with the statue, it will move and reveal the entrance.

Here we will have to go to the central part of the Sanctuary and we will have to interact with the Tabernacle.

In this way we will access the Legacy of the Horadrim where we will have to do the following:

  1. We will lay the first stone (Caldensann’s Compassion).
  2. We must get red, blue and green crystals .
  3. In this way we can improve the range of losses .
  4. And thus increase the bonus of our character’s statistics .

How To Get The Horadrim Legacy Crystals 2023

To get the crystals to increase the rank of the stones we will have to leave the Tabernacle behind and enter through the first door. This will take us to a mini dungeon where we will have to advance until we reach a series of chests that we will have to open with Aspirant’s Keys .

Where Can You Get The 2023 Challenger Keys?

We can get them in the depths of the Iben Fahd Sanctuary up to a maximum of 4 per day . It should also be noted that they can be obtained in other ways, as I indicate below:

Merchant Of Aces

We can buy daily at the Merchant of Aces that is located right next to the Immortals Viewpoint Transporter in WestMarch .

Here we will have to interact with the seller.

We will be able to buy a maximum of 5 daily Challenger keys at 50 Aces each.

Ranking Up In PVP

We can also get them by ranking up in multiplayer battles , so we can get up to a maximum of 5 keys .

Opening Blessed Chests

If you belong to the Shadow faction, every day you will have Daedessa ‘s Blessing which will give us a daily Blessed Chest for each Ancient Failure we do (up to a maximum of 3).

These chests give 1 Aspirant key per copper, to open them we just have to do the following:

  1. We select the Chest .
  2. We click on “Use” to obtain the Aspirant’s Key.

And this is how the Legacy of the Horadrim works in Diablo Immortal , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Remember that you would help me a lot if you share this article with all your friends through your social networks. Thank you very much for your time!