How to Make Mockups Without Watermark Easy and Fast

Do you have a logo or a corporate image and would you like to know how it would look on a mug, t-shirt or how it would look on a website? Well, for this you will need to know how to make mockups , how come you don’t know what they are? Don’t worry! in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how you can create these layouts of your logos without a watermark easily, quickly and the best… FREE! .

What Are Mockups And What Are They For?

Digital Mockups are a type of resource widely used by graphic designers , you could say that it is a kind of photomontage with which we can show our clients how their designs would look. Is it still not clear to you? Well, below we leave you a video with some examples to facilitate the understanding of the context.

Mockup Examples

How To Make Mockups Without Watermark Step By Step 2023

Next we are going to teach you how to create mockups online for free without having to do it in a stationery store . You just have to follow the steps that I indicate below.

Where to Download Free Mockups 2023?

Next I am going to leave you a website where you can create your digital mockups online completely free :

Once we access its content, we must go all the way down until we reach the categories where we will have access to more than 1000 free mockups to download without a watermark .

Now we only have to select the category that we like the most. In my case, I want to make a model to see how my website would look on a mobile , so I have chosen “Android”.

Here we will have more than 10,000 free mockups to choose from, we will only have to opt for one.

Now we must do the following:

  1. We select the green screen where it says “Place Image Here” (put photo here).
  2. A menu will appear where we can upload the image (Upload Image) or upload the image by URL (Take screenshot from URL), I have decided to upload the image myself.
  1. We choose the image that we want to use on our hard drive.
  2. We click on “Open” .
  1. We can square the model by moving the cursor to the left or right until adjusting the size.
  2. Finally we click “Ok” to establish the changes.

How to Use Mockups Without Watermark Easy and Fast 2023

  1. Finally we can download our online mockup in JPG, PNG or PDF format , we can also choose its quality (we must register with our Facebook account).
  2. We will also have the possibility of adding the resolution to the model .

And that’s it, this would be the result, as you can see it looks spectacular.

I hope this tutorial to make mockups in Spanish has helped you, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Do not forget that you can share this content through your social networks… that would help me a lot to continue developing more content like this, thank you!