How to manage data backups and restores on iOS devices

Apple makes available to all users of an iOS device, an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, a powerful tool designed, among other options, for making backup copies of all types of data and restoring them when is deemed necessary. I mean  iTunes .

But it is not the only program that performs this function. There are applications such as the one we are now proposing,  iMyFone iTransor (formerly iMyFone D-Port Pro ), which allows you to make backup copies on a Windows or macOS computer.

After downloading and installing the appropriate version of the application on the computer, it will be possible to make backup copies of contacts, photos, or videos, among other types of files. If at any time we have to recover any of those files, we can do it after running  iMyFone iTransor on the computer.

The makers of the app tell us the following about the app: “ iTransor can backup and restore certain apps on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, which iTunes and iCloud can’t. With iTransor, you can easily transfer the data you need from old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iTunes/iCloud backups to another device .”


Among the functions included in  iMyFone iTransor, the following stand out:

  • It is capable of making selective copies from the iPhone or iPad.
  • It also allows you to make backup copies of Contacts, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat messages, and to restore them when deemed necessary.
  • The new backups never overwrite the old ones, the ones that are already stored.
  • Selective restores can be made from iTunes, iCloud, or iMyFone.
  • It supports more than 18 different data types.
  • It is fully compatible with the latest versions of iOS, and it works seamlessly on the latest iPhone phones, including different versions of iPhone X and later.

To consider

After having made one or several backup copies using the application, it is possible to restore all or part of the files included, as we have already indicated, as well as messages from messaging applications. Restoring these messages will never affect the rest of the stored data.

Something to keep in mind is the ability that  iMyFone iTransor has to also restore backup copies made in iTunes. This is a powerful functionality that makes it easy to manage those copies. The same can be said regarding iCloud. The Apple cloud is thus present in this application.


To know all the features of this application and download a copy of it to try it for free, you have to access  iMyFone iTransor .