How to manage iCloud photos and videos

As you surely know, iCloud is a service provided by Apple that allows the storage of different types of files in the cloud, standing out above all those that correspond to photos and videos. Apple provides free 5Gb storage space. When these are exceeded, a fee must be paid for the service. For this reason, there are some users who lose their photos, or cancel the service, not wanting to purchase and pay for this extension.

What does CopyTrans Cloudly offer?

When you take photos with the iPhone or iPad, these are normally uploaded directly to iCloud. If exhaustive control is not carried out, the space fills up and there will come a time when there will be no more room.

What is the solution? There are two: the one already pointed out, to acquire more space, or. a second, to copy the stored photos to the computer, thus freeing up all or part of that space. (It is also possible to move them to other services, such as Google Photos , although it also has a storage limit at this time as well.) To carry out the second option, copying the photos to the computer, it is necessary to have an application that deals with it. CopyTrans Cloudly does that job perfectly.

It is a free tool that allows you to download all the photos from iCloud to your computer, without having to mark one by one. It also supports deleting all those photos from iCloud, to free up space.

All Windows users will thus have this option, since they could not do it directly from the computer, since the system does not allow it. The program is also capable of recovering photos and videos that have been stored in iCloud and are considered lost.


Among the features that CopyTrans Cloudly offers  are the following:

  • Download : It is possible to download all the photos and videos from iCloud while keeping the album structure. The download process is very simple, regardless of the method used among all those offered. An analysis of this process can be done by reading  How to select all photos in iCloud and how to download them?
  • Delete : It is also possible to delete all photos and videos stored in iCloud easily. Likewise, one (or one) can be deleted by one (or one), or also different groups framed at different moments or moments. The different deletion processes are explained in  iCloud storage is full. How to mass delete all photos from iCloud .
  • Recover : If for any reason photos or videos have been deleted at a certain time, it is also possible to recover them. Even if they’ve been permanently deleted and disappear from iCloud as a result, Apple still keeps them on its servers. In  How to recover photos from iCloud? It explains how you can carry out the restoration or recovery process.


To get this app you need to access CopyTrans Cloudly . It is a program that you can try for free and that works on the latest versions of Windows. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.