How to measure internet speed on iPhone

Measuring Internet speed is something that we all want to know. We need to find out if what we receive is what is offered to us, if everything our service provider promises us is fulfilled. Also, on specific occasions, when we are away from home, and we want to know what the connection speed to the network of networks is , we can resort to what we propose.

With SpeedSmart we will know in detail the connection speed of our iPhone mobile phone from a 5G, 4G or LTE connection, or also from a WiFi. It also works without problems on an iPad tablet , and directly in a web browser if we access the support page of the application.

What does SpeedSmart offer?

At the moment the app has been used to carry out more than 400 million speed tests. The operation is very simple, valid for all types of users. It not only tests the download time but also the upload time, performing the complete analysis in less than 20 seconds with a single touch.

In the summary of the connection data, in addition to the degree, the download and upload table, and the average speed of the ISP, among other information, are shown. All the work done by SpeedSmart is very precise. It uses servers located at key transit points on the Internet, which contributes to highly accurate results.


Among the different features that SpeedSmart offers , the following stand out:

  • It is used to troubleshoot and verify the speed promised by your ISP.
  • Compare the results with the average speed and latency of your ISP.
  • Show detailed tracking of all your previous results.
  • Easily share your speed test result via Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • The app uses more than 150 speed test servers around the world to get accurate results.
  • Notes can be added to each individual result.
  • Offers a bandwidth calculator. With it, it calculates the download and upload time of a file size entered in Kbps, Mbps or MB / s.
  • Select any server to set as your default testing location.
  • There is a results map to see the speed test taken from around the world or in your neighborhood.

About the web tool

Those responsible for this tool tell us the following about its use in a web browser, from a computer or from a mobile device:

« SpeedSmart is an internet speed test that works accurately on any device with a web browser, from desktops and laptops to phones and tablets. SpeedSmart uses HTML5, so plugins like Flash or Java are not required. Our unique test method and worldwide network of dedicated servers ensure that you get an accurate result from your broadband or mobile Internet connection. Click Start and take a speed test now! «


To use the tool directly on the web, you must access SpeedSmart . To download it to an iOS mobile device, an iPhone or an iPad, we can use the App Store or download it directly from the device. The app is free and offers in-app purchases.