How to Measure the Speed ​​of My Web Page Easy and Fast

Do you have an online project and have you ever wondered “how to measure the speed of my Web page” ? Undoubtedly, it is a very important answer since Web speed has a great impact at the SEO level, since a portal that loads fast will help you bring more visits. That is why today at MrAppsGeek we are going to show you 4 tools to do a Web speed test to find out how fast any Internet project loads, whether it’s your property, a competitor’s or you’re just curious.

Why Is It Important To Analyze Web Speed?

Well, because according to a study, 57% of users who browse the Internet will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load . That is why measuring the speed of your website is important, in this way you will know what points you can improve to speed up your project as much as possible and offer a better user experience to your visitors so that it is possible that they return in the near future.

How to Measure the Speed ​​of My Web Page Easy and Fast 2023

Next we are going to offer you 4 tools to measure the Web loading time . His thing is that you test the domains in the 4 and that you repeat the operation at least a couple of times per tool, in this way if you have very long load times it is possible that your server has experienced some saturation time, that is why at least it is advisable to repeat the process a couple of times.

Well, without further ado, let’s see what are the tools to test the speed of web pages .

Pingdom Test

For me Pingdom Test is the best tool to test web speed since it is very light, simple and easy to use. We only have to enter your official portal from the following link:

How To Check The Web Loading Speed ​​With Pingdom Test 2023

  1. The first thing we must do is enter the URL that we want to analyze.
  2. Then we must select the location of the test closest to the domain server , that is, if a project is in Spain, it uses a server in Europe since it is closer to its position, the ping and lag will be better and the speed more real .
  3. Finally we will give “Start Test” (begin Test).

After waiting a few seconds , Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test will give us the following results:

  1. The degree of performance.
  2. The size or weight of the online project (in my case 0.6 Mb is very, very little ).
  3. The loading speed of a website (in my case 0.8 seconds , which is very, very little).
  4. The number of requests from a website, here enters the amount of script, code, ads and plugins that a website has (the smaller this number is, the less code it will have).

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is ​​another tool that I use to measure the speed of a website , however we can only choose a test close to the position of our server if we log in to the platform, this means that if we don’t, then the tests are online. distant servers which can corrupt the speed test .

How To Measure Web Loading Speed ​​With GT Metrix 2023

The first thing we must do is enter its official portal through the following link:

Once inside we just have to do the following:

  1. We introduce the URL to analyze.
  2. We give “Test Your Site” .

The results would be the following:

  1. In “Performance Score” we will see the speed score where A is the highest (having not registered in GT Metrix the speed is lower because the test is on servers in Vancouver Canada).
  2. Here is the loading time of my website, as you can see, it differs a lot from the previous test since now it is 5.3 seconds , but remember… this would be the loading speed of a user who accessed my portal from Canada.
  3. Here we will see what the web weighs, really little 0.6 megabytes .
  4. The number of requests, scripts, code etc.
  5. On this screen we will see the speed of different sections of the project, we must focus on those that appear in red or orange in order to improve the speed of the website .

One thing that is very noteworthy about GT Metrix is ​​that we can compare the speed of Web loading between several online projects in this way we can know which is the fastest.


WebPageTest is another web speed meter that I usually use in my online projects since it is very reliable and we can choose a server close to our position (La Rioja, Spain).

How To Measure Web Loading Speed ​​With WebPageTest 2023

The first thing we must do is access its main and official portal from the following link:

  1. We introduce the URL to analyze.
  2. We choose the closest server to the server location of our project (In the case of Spain, La Rioja).
  3. Finally we click on “Start Test “.
  1. After a few minutes the results would be as follows:
  2. Here we are indicated the degree of performance of a portal with letters where F is the lowest and A is the highest .
  3. In this section we will see a lot of information ranging from the loading time of the web, the loading time of the first byte, the rendering speed, the number of requests, etc.

Google Speed ​​Test

Google Speed ​​Test is the Google Web speed test , it should be noted that it is usually the most used by the community but that it is from Google does not mean that it is good since it really gives very different metrics because it remembers that the servers where the tests are carried out They are in the USA so it is difficult to really get a good score.

How To Do A Web Speed ​​Analysis With Google Speed ​​2023

The first thing we must do is enter its official portal from the following link:

  1. We put the URL to analyze.
  2. We click on “Analyze”.

Mobile Speed ​​Test

To measure the speed of a mobile web page we will do the following:

  1. We select the “Mobile” tab .
  2. Here we will see the speed of scoring that goes from 0 to 100 . It is really difficult on mobile phones to reach 100 and more if you have ad servers, so if this is your case and your speed exceeds 30, it is not so bad either.

Speed ​​Test On PC

To check the speed of a website on computers  we will do the following:

  1. We click on the “Computer” tab .
  2. Speed ​​is measured from 0 to 100 , as a general rule it is much easier on a computer to get much higher scores. If you have ads on your website and your computer speed is higher than 80-85, that’s pretty good .

Remember to repeat the process at least a couple of times per tool to avoid false speed readings and choose the tests closest to your project’s server location.

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Do not forget that your support on social networks allows me to continue bringing more content like this… Thank you very much for everything!