How To Move Google Chrome Address Bar DOWN

As we all know, in the Chrome browser for mobile phones and tablets , the address bar is usually at the top of the screen . This is undoubtedly a problem for those smartphones with a large screen since it greatly limits our access to said bar. For this reason I am going to teach you in a simple tutorial about how to move the address bar of Google Chrome at the bottom of the screen . This seems something simple will help us greatly to increase the user experience Google Chrome .

How To Move The Google Chrome Address Bar To The Bottom Of The Screen

To move the address bar of Google Chrome to the bottom of the screen we will have to access a hidden menu of the browser.

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How To Access The Hidden Menu In Google Chrome

To access the hidden menu of Google Chrome to be able to move the bar , we will only have to put this code in the same bar that we want to move.


Now we will get a hidden menu, as in the photo. And we will have to click on the option that is in yellow and a submenu will open, we will only have to click on “enable”.

Once it is enabled, we must press the blue box below that says “restart”.

Now Google Chrome will restart a couple of times and when it starts again our address bar will be at the bottom .

How to Recover Internet Address Bar Above

To move the address bar up again , just enter the hidden menu again with the code . Once inside, we select the option that it had by default and we restart again .

Another, easier way to get the address bar back on top is to simply exit Google Chrome and remove it from multitasking . In this way we will have the original configuration of the address bar again.

What do you think of this tutorial to Move Google Chrome Address Bar DOWN ? If you have a mobile with a very large screen, it can be very useful . You can leave me a comment if you want I answer them all. You can also share this post with the floating button on the right.