How to Move the Taskbar in Windows 10

Placing the taskbar at the bottom is something that practically all operating systems bring by default, since it is the most comfortable position to manage the programs and applications that are most often used. The fact is that currently PC monitors are far from the size of yesteryear since the resolutions and screen proportions of a panoramic nature allow us to move the taskbar in Windows 10 freely without influencing our user experience. And that is precisely the reason why you are in MrAppsGeek , because you want to know if you want to move the taskbar and you don’t know how to do it , I will explain it to you quickly and easily.

How to Move the Taskbar in Windows 10

-I want to put the taskbar at the bottom , top right and left! ok, that’s the aptitude that I like. The first thing we must do to put the taskbar vertically, for example, is to go to it and press the right mouse button. A menu will open to which we must click on the button that says “Taskbar Settings” .

Change location of the taskbar?

Now we must give it where just below where it says “Location of the taskbar on the screen” .

Where on the screen can you place the taskbar?

With this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Put the taskbar down.
  • Put the taskbar on top.
  • How to put the taskbar on the right side.
  • How to put the taskbar on the left side.

How to put the taskbar aside in Windows 10

If you have a large monitor you can put the taskbar vertically , in this way you will take more advantage of the width of the screen.

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