How to optimize a Mac computer

All computers, after a certain time of use, are storing data and leaving traces of unnecessary files. In Windows there are a few applications designed to clean and optimize any computer.

The same thing happens on Mac computers. Today we propose five such applications. Its primary purpose is optimization, using a series of functions in each one, from uninstalling and cleaning the computer to recovering lost data.


It is an all in one application. She alone is capable of carrying out all the actions that can be carried out by various independent tools with specific missions. As those responsible for it say, it is  a macOS cleaner, a performance monitor, a malware remover and a good lifesaver . With the application active, the computer will work without problems.

mac booster 8

Similar to the previous one, although with fewer functions, but also with great benefits. It takes care of expanding hard drive space by removing everything that is no longer needed.

It makes multitasking efficient by adjusting memory usage in real time, which is very important when working with applications that require large system resources or when playing games. Totally protects personal information, preventing access to it to outsiders. It helps efficient management of necessary applications.


With  AppCleaner  you will free up space on your hard drive, which is occupied without meaning. The program takes care of looking for everything that is linked to an application when we proceed to uninstall it, and eliminates it. To do this, you just have to drag   the application you want to remove or uninstall to the AppCleaner window and the tool will take care of everything, leaving no trace, after clicking on the uninstall button. The application will take care of searching and deleting everything that is no longer necessary.

Disk Drill

It is a valid application for Mac and also for Windows. It works with all kinds of files, no matter the format. Thus, it is capable of recovering any type of text document, videos, images, compressed files, and everything in between. Even if a lot of time has passed, if the sectors have not been overwritten, the file will be recoverable. To start using the program, all you have to do is indicate the extension of the files you want to recover.

Disk Doctor

Why do we want to keep on our computer what is useless, what is taking up space that we need for other needs? With  Disk Doctor  we don’t need to search, analyze and verify the validity or not of the files, the application does all the dirty work for us. In addition to eliminating what is no longer valid, it does an even better job, freeing up space, which we will surely need to add documents, images, videos, and everything else that comes along.