How to optimize a website for good SEO

We all, or almost all, know that good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization ) is essential to improve the online visibility of your business . Hence, it is necessary to proceed to the optimization of the website in order to achieve what is intended.

Any website must have a structure that is in line with what web search engines demand, with Google leading the way. The placement of the pages in the aforementioned search engines will depend on compliance with the rules.

There are a series of pre-established rules that must be met, and there are also some tools that allow you to find out if these rules are met on a page or website, such as Woorank or Dareboost .

For SEO analysis of a web page

SEO Site Checkup belongs to the group and offers, free of charge, complete information, after scanning a page, of everything that is correct and of what requires changes.

Based on the results shown after an audit, which is shown when entering the URL of a page, it will be possible to improve its search engine positioning.

The qualification is done showing three sections: everything that is correct and therefore does not need modifications, the list of failures shown after the check, and small errors.

To consider

Whenever possible, it is convenient to make the pertinent corrections, which are marked with red buttons. Then you should attend to those that are in the group of small errors.

The Improve Your Score button allows access to a section that offers a series of recommendations aimed at improving the speed of the site and suggestions aimed at correcting errors. To use this option it is necessary to register as a user. The account that is created is free.

After the audit of a page, a score out of one hundred is shown. The higher it is, the better the rating in the SERPs. At the bottom of the results page, in addition to said score, the sections that require a quick correction are indicated. Medium level and low level corrections are also indicated.


Although there are some tools similar to the one discussed here, as we have indicated in the first paragraph, it does not hurt to use this one as well and combine the results with the others.

To use it, you must access SEO Site Checkup . In addition to what has already been indicated, the site offers other tools that will be used for a complete analysis of any website in the various aspects that affect SEO. There are currently 64 tools. To access the group, click on the Free Tools link in the upper right.