How to Pair an Android Phone with Windows 10

Pairing an Android phone with Windows 10 is a simple process that will allow you to make and answer calls from your PC . That is why, today in MrAppsGeek we are going to teach you the necessary steps to synchronize your Android with Win 10 easily and quickly .

What is it and what is the use of linking a phone to Windows 10?

Well, it is a method by which we can synchronize our Android with Windows 10 so that in this way we can see the stored messages, photo gallery and even receive and make calls from our mobile through the PC.

How to Link My Android With Windows 10

The first thing we must do is download the application “Companion of your phone” from the Google Play application store through the following link .

How To Set Up Your Phone Companion On Android

The first thing we must do is log in with the Microsoft account that we have as a Windows 10 user. Once connected we will click on “Continue” to give the necessary permissions to the application . Once connected, to link our Android cell phone with Windows 10 we must click on “Show me” , in this way we can see the necessary steps.

Now we must link the same Microsoft account on our PC in order to use it on both devices.

To synchronize our Android phone with Windows 10 we must use the same user account that we have put in the app. To do this we will go to the PC and we will do the following fast keyboard combination:

  • Windows + I.

We will enter “Accounts”.

And we will use the same Microsoft user account with which we logged into the “Companion on your phone” application.

Download “Your Phone” For Windows 10 Free

Once everything is correct we will go back to the app and click on “Continue” . While it is trying to connect we must download an app called “Your Phone” from the Microsoft Store from the following link .

Once downloaded, we will click “Start” and we will go to the Android application.

Sync Your Android Phone With Windows 10 To Make Calls From PC

In the “Companion of your phone”  app we will click on “Allow”.

And finally “Allow Connection” , in this way the 2 apps (both Android and Windows 10) will be linked through your Microsoft account .

We will go to the “Companion of your phone” application and click on “Allow” .

And that’s it, we already know how to link Android and Windows 10 to make or receive calls from our PC. It should be noted that we can have access to calls, mobile photos and messages directly from our computer without cables , very useful.

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