How to PIN THE SCREEN On Android

Today I bring you a very simple tutorial that does not stop being less useful because how many of you do not let your young children watch YouTube on the tablet? . After a while, as a general rule, I’m sure that with their “little fingers” they will have seen everything except Peppa Pig on YouTube :). For this reason, surely many of you have searched for how to fix the screen on Android , in this way you will be calm that your child does not touch anything inappropriate or send a WhatsApp or similar. Today I bring you a simple tutorial to leave the screen fixed on Android very useful.

What Is Screen Pinning In Android?

Well, it is anchoring an application or game to always have it in view and thus not exit it if we press the home button and or others.

What is the use of fixing the screen on Android?

Imagine that you want to leave your young son’s cell phone for a moment so that he can look for something on the Internet . Obviously, you are not interested in having your mobile gossip about you more than it should , a solution to this is to fix the screen on Android . In this way you can leave Google Chrome fixed and thus you can prevent it, for example, from accessing your WhatsApp .

How to PIN THE SCREEN On Android

This option is available from Android 5.0 Lollipop , make sure that you have at least this version . But hey… let’s get down to business! We are going to see how to leave the fixed screen on Android once and for all, for this go to “Settings” .

Once inside “Settings” we go to “Security” .

Once inside “Security” we go down all the way to where it says “Fix Screen” , we enter inside.

By default it will appear disabled , we will proceed to enable the tab .

Once the screen fix option is activated , we can also request the PIN to deactivate it (optional) .

How to Leave the Screen Still on Android

To fix the screen on Android you must activate multitasking to see the applications you have running in the background . Once you activate multitasking, you will have to notice that at the bottom right of each open Android application or game there is a green “Pushpin” , you must press it to fix the screen on Android .

How To Get Out Of The Sticky Screen On Android

To exit this mode we will only have to press the back button several times on our device.

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