How to Play December on Mobile and PC with the same account

As much as the media insists on saying that the future of gaming is the cloud, I refuse to believe it. Proof of this is the resounding failure of Google Stadia , which, in case you don’t know, has recently closed access to its platform. For me, the future of games is to bring triple A titles to mobile phones that are multiplatform , that is, you can play the same title on PC, mobile phones, tablets and laptops . This is something we’ve already seen in Diablo Immortal , Genshin Impact , Fortnite , CoD Mobile , Tower Of Fantasy .and a long list of mobile games that feature cross-play that are on the way. In fact, the last of them is called Undecember and presents as a great candidate to face Diablo Immortal. And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to this MrAppsGeek tutorial , because you want to know how to play December on mobile and PC with the same account .

What Is The December Cross-Save And What Is It For?

It is the ability of this game to save progress on any platform. For example, you go by bus, you pass a couple of missions and when you get home you continue on PC where you left the game when you got off the Bus.

What Is December Cross-Play And What Is It For?

It is the ability that December has to be played in different formats, be it PC (through Steam), Android and iOS .

How to Migrate Undecember Account From Mobile to PC and Vice Versa 2023

In order to use the cross-play in December , we will first have to export our character from mobile to Steam or vice versa. To do this we will have to access the settings menu which are the 3 horizontal lines that are just above to the right .

Then we enter the “Settings” section .

Once inside the game settings we will have to do the following:

  1. We access “Account” .
  2. And then in “Link Data” we click “Export” .

Now we will see a random 12-digit number that we must write down quickly since we will only have 2 minutes to copy it to the new device in order to link the December data .

NOTE: This screenshot is an example, the numbers are random and valid for 2 minutes, a different one will appear on your mobile or PC, which you must copy to the new device .

In the next step it will continue on the PC in case you want to export your December account from a mobile device .

How The December Cross-Play Works Step by Step 2023

Once on the PC with the game open, we must enter the “Settings” again , which are found in the icon of the 3 horizontal lines that are to the left of the minimap.

We enter “Account” again and then in “Link Data” we select the “Import” option .

  1. Here we will have to copy the exact same number that appears on our mobile (remember the number that appears on YOUR MOBILE, not on the example image).
  2. To link the December account from mobile to PC we will click on “Send Code” .

Now you know how to play December on mobile and PC with the same account . If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Do not forget to share this tutorial with other people through your social networks. Thank you very much for all your support!