How to Play Dino T-Rex in Google Chrome

Surely once when you were offline while browsing you have noticed that an image of a friendly dinosaur appears on a blank background in your Google Chrome browser . Well, you may not know it but you have come across one of the hidden games in the Google browser without realizing it. But don’t worry! In the following MrAppsGeek post you will learn how to play Dino T-Rex in Google Chrome with the Internet, offline and even from your mobile device.

What is the name of the dinosaur game on Google?

This game is called Dino T-Rex and it is a nice dinosaur that appears in your browser every time the connection drops. What few people know is that it is actually a hidden Google Chrome game, here we will show you how to enjoy it.

How to Play T-Rex Game Offline 2023

Google ‘s T-Rex Runner game always appears every time we go offline , so if you want to play it you can do so by disconnecting it.

  1. To do this, we will go to the lower right part of our PC and click on the right mouse button.
  2. Then we disconnected from our network.

Now we enter any web page and we will see that a screen that says “No Internet Connection” will appear and Dino T-Rex will appear.

How To Activate The Dinosaur Game Of Google Chrome 2023

To activate the dinosaur game , all we have to do is hit the up arrow several times and the fun will begin. Remember to use the space bar to jump over the cacti.

With Play Dino T-Rex With Internet 2023

This secret Google Chrome game appears as long as we run out of Internet, but… what happens if we want to play Dino T-Rex online . Well, luckily, it is possible since we can enjoy this fun online game through the following url:

How to Play Dino T Rex on Mobile 2023

Did you know that you can enjoy Dino T-Rex to play now directly from your mobile phone ? Below are the pertinent links to their respective app stores.

And that’s it, these would be the different ways you have to play Dino T-Rex runner right now . If you have any questions you can always ask them in comments. Do not forget that you can support this content on your social networks.