How to play gameboy advance on pc

In this MrAppsGeek tutorial we are going to teach you how to download the Game Boy Advance emulator for PC explained in Spanish step by step . Although first of all we know a little more about the older sister of Game Boy .

Technical Characteristics Of The Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance (or as it was known in Japan ゲームボーイアドバンス; Gēmu Bōi Adobansu) was abbreviated under the initials GBA and it was one of the most popular portable consoles from the Nintendo company , which marketed it from March 2001 to 2008. .


If we look under the “hood” of this great console we can find the following specifications according to the official Nintendo page .

CPU32-Bit ARM with built-in memory
Memory32 Kbyte WRAM + 96 Kbyte VRAM (in CPU) 256 Kbyte WRAM (external CPU)
Screen2.9″ TFT reflective screen, resolution: 240×160 pixels, screen dimensions 40.8 mm x 61.2 mm, 32,768 possible colors, 511 simultaneous colors in character mode, 32,768 simultaneous colors in bitmap mode
Dimensions (mm)Width 144.5 mm / Depth 24.5 mm / Height 82 mm
Feeding2 AA alkaline batteries
battery life15 hours

Game Boy Advance Advertisement In Spanish

Here you have one of the many announcements of this game console from the year 2001 in Spanish .

Install Game Boy Advance For PC

After a bit of nostalgia we are going “to the mess” and I am going to teach you how to configure the GBA emulator for PC easily and the best thing is that you can run it on a low-resource computer perfectly .

Download Game Boy Advance Emulator for PC

To download the GBA emulator you just have to enter the following link .

Once downloaded, select it and click the right mouse button , a menu will appear and click extract files , as in the image (remember that you will need a program to decompress).

Once unzipped it will have generated a new folder, to run this GBA emulator in Windows we must give the VisualBoyAdvance-M-WX.EXE file , as in the photo.

A black window will open, we will click where it says “File” and then click “Open” .

Now we must look for the folder where we have our Game Boy Advance ROMS , the games must be in .GBA format or compressed with Winrar, Winzip or 7Z . If we are in the folder but they are not visible , don’t worry, we select the option “All Files (*.*)” and they will appear. Now you just have to select any one.

And that’s it, we now know how to configure and install the Game Boy Advance emulator on a low-end PC .

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