How to Play Pokemon Go FROM HOME

Playing Pokemon Go from home is possible and from MrAppsGeek we will explain the steps you must follow to be able to use Pokemon Go without using a false location step by step . Although first of all we will clarify some concepts that you should know and nobody counts.

Can I get banned for spoofing the location in Pokemon Go?

YES , in fact, cheating GPS in Pokemon Go translates in most cases as an account ban from Niantic servers . So we are surprised by the number of news outlets that put this tutorial and remain “so hot” without warning their readers of the risks of using false location applications such as Fake GPS in Pokemon Go . However, if you like the risk and assume its responsibility, below we will explain how to use a fake GPS for Pokemon Go , yes, under your responsibility.

How to play pokemon go from home

To use Pokemon Go without moving we must follow these steps:

  1. The first thing we must do is from “Settings” , activate the developer options ( here I explain how to do it).
  2. Once inside we must activate the “Simulated Locations” option .
  3. Finally, we must configure the GPS options and configure them in “Device Only Modes” and activate the location history , in this way we will prevent Niantic from triangulating our position with mobile data, minimizing somewhat the risk of Banning.

Ok, we already have this part configured, now we must install 2 apps necessary to change locations in Pokemon Go .

Download Free Unlimited VPN Proxy

You can download this free VPN app directly from the Play Store at the following link .

The function of a VPN is to simulate the Internet connection of another country , remember well the country you chose as it must coincide with our false GPS position .

Download Fake GPS For Pokemon Go

To fake the location of Pokemon Go we must install the Fake GPS application from the following link .

Finally, we must access Pokemon Go and we will discover that we will appear established in the false position that we have selected. We will need a joystick to be able to move through the game . Then I will leave you a video with the necessary steps.

Fake GPS Not Working In Pokemon Go

It is possible that this tutorial will not work for you because it is not easy to fool the GPS of Pokemon Go . Also, I reiterate that following this tutorial carries great risk and we are not going to do like other news blogs that write it and do not explain the dangers it entails only with the desire to get visits . However there is another method to use a fake location for Pokemon Go , (we haven’t honestly tested it) that seems to work.

How to be Fly in Pokemon Go

The methods to cheat the GPS in this game are evolving , in fact, there are so many users who seek to cheat that the community has “coined” as “Ser Fly” to those players who want to falsify their location in the game . As we have said, we have not tried this method but below we leave you a video that explains how to use Fly with the GPS of Pokemon Go , obviously we advise against this type of practice.

How To Use A Joystick For Pokemon Go

If you take the risk of getting banned and want to try these methods you will need a Joystick with which you can move freely. On YouTube there are many videos where it is explained how to do it, then I will leave you an example video.

And in this way you could play Pokemon Go without leaving home , a practice that we do not support since it will imply the instant ban of your account .

If you want, you can contribute your experience on the subject of simulating locations , in the comments section , that would help other readers a lot. By the way… Do not forget to share this article on your social networks! Thank you very much.