How to play SNES with Online Multiplayer on Android

The Super Nintendo was one of my favorite consoles in the early 90s, I remember, as I spent my afternoons playing Dragon Ball Butoden 1 on the Snes , in fact I became quite a PRO. Today, thanks to emulators , we can play this mythical console on our smartphones , which is a real hoot. This led me the other day to ask myself the following question: Will it be possible to play the Snes with online multiplayer on Android? Well, to my surprise, it was that it can be done. That is why from MrAppsGeek we are going to teach you how to play your favorite Snes cartridges with other players over the Internet thanks to the emulatorMultiSnes9x .

What Is Multu Snes9x And What Is It For?

Multi Snes9x is a Super Nintendo emulator available in the Play Store that will allow us to run our backup copies of Snes cartridges , but the best thing is that we can play with other players online or via LAN .

How to play snes9x with online multiplayer on android

Next we will tell you step by step how to use the Snes9X simulator to play online with other players .

Download Snes9X Free

The first thing you should do is download the emulator directly from the Play Store application store from the following link .

How Snes9x Netplay Works On Android

The first thing we will see when opening the emulator is a screen like this:

  • We can log in with Facebook .
  • We can also log in with our Gmail account (Recommended).
  • We can play multiplayer via LAN .
  • Multiplayer by Wi-Fi Direct .
  • Internet multiplayer .
  • 1 player mode.

Among all the options, we chose to log in with Gmail and the Multiplayer (Internet) option .

Here we will have 2 options:

  1. Play Snes with a Facebook friend .
  2. Check online servers .

Of the 2 options we choose the second, in this way we can access the hosting of Snes games to play with other players online .

Snes9X Server NetPlay

On this screen we will have the following options:

  1. The games available to play cooperative online on the Snes .
  2. To enter a game we will give the option P2: Join .
  3. We will be able to update the list of game servers to online doubles of the Super Nintendo .
  4. If we don’t find the game we want, we can click on the option P:1 Host online Game , in this way we can play a title and if someone wants to, they can join our game.

In the case that we want to enter a game from the list, we will give option 1 followed by 2 . If, on the contrary, we want to create our own Snes9X server, we will give option 4 .

Create A Host In Multi Snes9X Emulator

To create an online game we must give the option P1: Host Online Game , a window will appear with the following options:

  1. Server name .
  2. PIN , we can put a password to invite only friends .
  3. Finally we click on “Ok” .

Then we search our SD card for the backup copy of the game in SMC or ZIP format and select it.

We start a 1 player game and when someone accesses our game we can do the following:

  1. We click on the message button on the top right .
  2. We write a greeting.
  3. We send it in «Send» .

With this we tell you that we are ready to start a game of Snes online multiplayer on Android.

What do you think, did you know that you could play Super Nintendo in online multiplayer mode on Android ? You can leave me your impressions below in the comment box. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot to continue developing more articles like this one. Thank you!