How to Play Videos in the Background in Chrome for Android

Since a few days we can play videos in the background in Chrome for Android . Although it is not officially included in its final version, we can already use one of the most popular Android browsers as a background video player .

This new function is quite interesting, since we can, for example, listen to a video while reading an article or, even better , listen to music from YouTube open with Chrome for Android while we do other things.

All this is known thanks to the fact that the developers of Google dropped it . The only thing is that since it is not available in its official version of Google Chrome, we will have to try it in beta format.

How to download Chrome for Android Beta to use the video player in the background

You can do two things:

  1. Stick with the official version of Chrome for Android until they add this new feature.
  2. Install the Beta version of Chrome that already incorporates the video player function in the background.

If you want to download the Beta version of Chrome for Android you can do it from the following link..

To see the download link, you must do a social action, for this you just have to click a like. With this you can download Chrome for Android .

How to play videos in the background in Chrome for Android

Once you have downloaded Chrome for Android comes the easy part. You will only have to play a video with Chrome . For example, you can enter Youtube from Chrome to test it. Once the Chrome video player is up and running, all you have to do is pull down the settings menu on Android . You will see that the “Play” or “Pause” symbol will appear, with them you can pause the video or continue playing it.

Now all you have to do is exit Chrome for Android and do any other task. The video playback will not be cut and through the settings menu you will have full control of it.

Video to know how Chrome playback works in the background

If it is not very clear to you how it works, I leave you a video of the developers running videos with Chrome in the background .

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