How to Prevent Apps from Updating THEMSELVES on Android

It has been a while since you bought your Android phone and you have installed a multitude of applications , which range from the most diverse to mail and file managers , games, messaging apps, in short, a Smartphone is a pocket computer . The fact is that all these apps generate processes that can consume not only battery but also data . One of the tips that I follow every time a smartphone falls into my hands is to configure Google Play to prevent applications from updating themselves . Do you want to know how not to update Android applications automatically? Then follow these simple steps.

Before beginning I have the obligation to point out that it is always convenient to have the latest version of our favorite apps , since they usually include improvements in terms of security and performance . Therefore updating Android applications must be an obligation for us, the problem is as stated above when the apps update themselves, generating unnecessary battery consumption and in some cases consuming data from our rate.

How to Prevent Apps from Updating THEMSELVES on Android 2023

By following this simple tutorial we will prevent applications from updating themselves . In this way we will avoid unnecessary consumption of data and battery.

Step Number 1 To Not Update Android Applications Automatically

The first thing we have to do is go to the Play Store and click on the top left, as in the photo:

Step Number 2 that we must follow to avoid updating Android applications in automatic mode

As simple as pressing “Settings”.

Third Step To Prevent Apps From Updating On Their Own

Click on the section that says “Update Applications Automatically” .

Last Step to Avoid Automatic App Updates on Android

Click where it says “Do not Update Applications Automatically” .

And with this simple step you will avoid automatic updates on your Android terminal .

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