How to Prevent Steam from Starting with Windows 10 Easy

With its more than 22 million active users, Steam is the most used video game platform on the PC since it offers us an extensive catalog of both paid and free of all kinds of genres. The only problem is that to access this platform we will need to install the client of the program that is started at the start of the system, which may seem silly and can take a long time for your operating system to start on low-end computers . That is why, today in MrAppsGeek we will give you 2 methods to prevent Steam from starting with Windows 10 in an easy and fast way .

Why Should You Block Steam On Windows 10 Boot?

There are several reasons why removing the automatic start of Steam in Windows 10 is a good idea, however we can summarize them in the following:

  • It slows down the system startup a lot: The startup is what Windows costs the most, so adding one more program to the startup will only delay the loading of the operating system.
  • It will consume more energy: If using a laptop, one of the ways to save energy is to avoid the overload of programs at the start of Windows 10.
  • It will consume more memory: Any programs that start with Windows 10 will consume part of the RAM.

How to prevent Steam from starting automatically in Windows 10, 8 and 7 step by step 2023

Next we will give you 2 methods to prevent Steam from starting with Windows, the two ways are equally valid so it is a matter of choosing the one that seems easiest to you.

From Windows Settings

We can prevent Steam from starting with Windows from the system configuration, for this we only have to press the following key combination :

  • Windows + I.

And we enter the section called “Applications” .

  1. We enter «Start».
  2. We deactivate «Steam Client Bootstrapper» .

From Task Manager

Another faster way to do it is to disable Steam startup from the task manager, for this we must press the following key combination:

  • Ctrl+Alt+Spr

We enter the “Task Manager” in “Start” .

  1. Select “Client “BootStrapper” .
  2. In “Enabled” we give the right mouse button.
  3. We click on “Disable” .

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