How to put a ghost in a photo easy and fast

Would you like to play a prank on a friend this Halloween 2023 ? Well, in MrAppsGeek you have some interesting tutorials, such as how to use a radar to detect specters or how to set a howl as a ringtone . Today, however, we are going to go further, since we are going to teach you how to give your photographs a terrifying touch since we will teach you how to put a ghost in a photo easily and quickly . Which is ideal since Halloween is the ideal time for this type of anomaly to occur, in this way you can give family and friends a good scare.

When Is Halloween Day In 2023?

On October 31 , 2023 . _

What Is The Best App To Put Ghosts In Photos 2023?

To place spectra in an image , the best application in the Play Store is without a doubt the one you will find at this link .

How to make a montage of a ghost in a photo step by step 2023

The first time we open this app we will have to accept the necessary permissions for it to work correctly:

  1. In the case select an image from the gallery.
  2. We will have to accept that the app can access the multimedia files as is logical.

In this way we will access the gallery where we will have to select the image in which we will add the effect of a spirit .

On the next screen we will have the opportunity to rotate left or right .

Once it is to our liking, we just have to hit “Ready” .

Now we will have to hit the “” symbol that is located just below on the left (this is where we can add a new ghost ).

On the next screen we will have at our disposal a list of ghost images that we can add to our photo .

We select the one that best suits our capture, so we will have to take into account the position and color of the image and the spectrum.

  1. We place the ghost in the photo , having the possibility to move it, enlarge it or reduce its size.
  2. We can also apply filters or remove transparency .
  3. Finally, when everything is to our liking, we will click on “Ready” .

And this would be the result… what is terrifying?

If you still have doubts about how to put a ghost in an image you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Remember to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much and Happy Halloween 2023! .