How to Put Albion Online in Spanish Easy and Fast

I know why you have come to this tutorial of MrAppsGeek , the reason is that you have downloaded Albion Online on your mobile and you have realized that it is in another language. And it is that either in Chinese or English, you may not know where in the settings are the necessary options to put Albion Online in Spanish , that is why we have made this tutorial, so that you can know how to change the language in this incredible game and you can enjoy it in Spanish .

Is Albion Online in Spanish?

Yes , the game is fully translated in Spanish .

Why does Albion Online appear in another language?

It is possible that you have a Chinese mobile and the game appears in this language because it is believed that you speak this language or simply that you have misplaced some configuration and now Albion Online is in English .

How to Put Albion Online in Spanish Step by Step 2023

We give the scroll that is located just above to the right of the screen.

This will display a right side menu in which we must enter “Game Settings” which are the “Game Settings” .

  1. Here we mark “General” .
  2. In «Language» we select «English» (or if Albion Online is in Chinese we indicate the language that appears).

Once the previous step has been carried out, the list of languages ​​will be displayed in which we must indicate “Spanish” (it is the fourth on the list counting from the bottom).

For the changes to take effect we must restart the game.

And that’s it, in this simple way we can change the language of Albion Online in Spanish . Remember that if you have any questions or simply want to share your experience with this title, you can leave me a comment. Do not forget that you can share this tutorial with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything!