How to put Emojis in WhatsApp Status

Do you have WhatsApp on your mobile and would you like to add emoticons to your status ? It is more than likely that you have seen that one of your contacts has a smiley icon and you want to place one in that space. Well, throughout this simple article from MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to put emojis in the WhatsApp Status easily and quickly .

Is it possible to put emoticons in WhatsApp status?

Yes, although before we had to resort to third-party applications such as “Emoji Free”, now it is possible to have emojis for WhatsApp Status directly with the same functions that this messaging client offers us.

How to put Emojis in the WhatsApp Status Easy and Fast 2023

  1. The first step will be to open our messaging client and enter the upper tab called “States” .
  2. Once inside we must select the camera icon that is just below on the right .

Here we will have to take a photo either with the front or rear camera.

Put Emoticons In WhatsApp Status Step by Step 2023

  1. To see the emojis to put in the WhatsApp status we will have to select the smiley face that is just above on the right.
  2. Now it will give us the option to choose to add Stickers or Emojis (we will choose the second option).
  3. Here we will have a list of emoticons to put in the WhatsApp status , we will choose the one we like the most.
  1. Once added to the photo we can enlarge or rotate it .
  2. When everything is to our liking we will only have to hit send and that’s it.

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