How to put hearts on photos easy and fast

Putting hearts in photos is a resource that every romantic person should know and more as February 14, 2023 approaches and with it Valentine’s Day . That is why today in MrAppsGeek we will show you a trick with which you can add a heart emoji to your images to give your photos a romantic touch.

How to put a heart on a photo step by step 2023

You may think that putting heart emoticons in photos is a complicated process but I would lie to you if I told you that it is, since there is a trick to be able to do it without downloading any application and all thanks to Google Photos .

What is Google Photos and what is it for?

Google Photos is an image gallery incorporated into practically all Android devices that uses the Google Drive architecture which allows us to make backup copies of our multimedia files .

The good thing about this Google gallery is that it incorporates some advanced image editing options to which we can give very diverse utilities, such as making YouTube video thumbnails . However, today we will use it to add heart emoticons to our photos.

Download Google Photos Free 2023

In the event that your phone does not have Google Photos, do not worry, you can install this application for free directly from the Play Store through the following link .

How To Add A Heart Emoji To A Photo For Free 2023

Once you have it installed, we only have to go to the desktop of our Smartphone to access the application.

We choose the image in which we want to add a little heart and select “Edit” .

Now we must do the following:

  1. We are moving the options to the left until we reach “Annotation” .
  2. At the top of the screen we choose “Text” .

If you have followed the previous steps correctly we will see how the keyboard is displayed, well, press the emoticons button .

In this section we will do the following:

  1. In search emoji we will write “Heart” without quotes.
  2. We choose the heart emoticon that we like the most.
  3. We put it on the screen (we can move it, flip it or enlarge it).

Finally we select “Done” and we already have our heart added to a free photo .

If you have any questions about this tutorial you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Remember that your help is very important for this project to continue so I would appreciate it if you share it with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you!