How to put MUSIC in your WhatsApp States

Would you like to give your WhatsApp states a distinctive touch ? It must be something that makes a difference, something that can offer an air of originality to your visitors. Well, let me tell you that you have arrived at the indicated technology blog , in this tutorial you will learn to put music in your WhatsApp states , in this way you will be able to delight snoops with fun musical states .

How to put music in your WhatsApp States

Are you looking for applications to put music in WhatsApp states ? Well, the app that best fulfills this function is called Audio Status Maker and we can download it directly from the following link .

Put Music To WhatsApp States Step By Step

To upload music to my WhatsApp status, the first thing I have to do is accept the necessary permissions of Audio Status Maker.

Trick to put music in WhatsApp States

Now we will see that below we have a lot of options to customize our status, to add music we must do the following:

  1. We give “Audio” .
  2. Then we enter where it says “Pick Audio” .

How to upload a song to WhatsApp status

Now we must search the internal memory for the song that we want to add to our status.

Then we must add a time to the song , in case we want it to be heard for several seconds or minutes. When we decide, we click on “Done” .

How to put photos with music in WhatsApp status

Now we can add photos to our status in “Background” and even add text and emoticons .

How to upload music to WhatsApp status

To load a song in our status we must click on “Share” and then on the WhatsApp icon .

We will click on “Send To… My State” .

Do you want to see how it turned out? You just have to go to the “States” tab and hit “My Status” .

And in this way a WhatsApp status with music and photos would be seen .

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