How to Put Random Wallpaper in Windows 10

If something characterizes our website, it is that we have already offered a large number of tutorials for Windows 10 in which we taught you how to customize your PC to the maximum. In some of these tutorials we have taught you how to put a wallpaper Gif in the Edge or Chrome browser , make it snow on the desktop or even a video . Today, however, we are going to take a step further since we are going to teach you how to generate random wallpapers with which to decorate your PC in an original and unique way, all thanks to an online portal called Background Generator .

What is Background Generator and what is it for?

Background Generator is an online portal that allows us to create random PC wallpapers , that is, this website automatically generates completely unique, original images, so no image it generates will be identical to the previous one.

How to Generate Random Wallpapers Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is access the official Background Generator  website from the following link:

How to Use Background Generator Step by Step 2023

To create different and automatic wallpapers on the PC we will have to follow these steps:

  1. Here we can select the different types of template which appear with the following names: Colorful, graphics, galaxy, Changing light, polytechnic school, dreamer and stripes.
  2. In this aspect we can change the background of each template.
  3. Here we can configure various aspects such as the size of the image, transparency, color or shape .
  4. In this section we can add text to the image .
  5. Here we can give different formats to the text to make it more striking and colorful.
  6. Finally we will give you to generate random wallpaper .
  7. We can download the image as JPG or PNG.

How to Put Random Wallpaper in Windows 10 Easy and Fast 2023

Well, we already have our image and we only have to put it as wallpaper in Windows 10 , for this we will only have to click with the right mouse button and click on “Personalize” .

The next thing we should do is:

  1. We select “Browse” .
  2. We click on the randomly generated image.
  3. We click on “Choose Image”.

How to Put a Random Wallpaper on Android or iOS Easy and Fast 2023

In the same way, you can use Background Generator to create automatic wallpapers for mobile phones

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