How to put Squid Game Wallpaper on PC

One of the things I like the most about Windows 11 is the ability to customize it to the user. In fact, in MrAppsGeek we have already seen that it is possible to make the taskbar black , make the icons bigger or even change the color of the mouse pointer . However, one of the most classic and favorite options for users is the ability that the system provides so that we can put personalized desktop images . And that is precisely the reason that has brought you here, because you would like to put a Squid Game wallpaper on PC to give your computer a “touch” of personalization based on the most watched Netflix series in history. .

What Is Netflix Squid Game And What Is It About?

It is a series that deals with a game in which 456 people must participate who, due to various situations, have debts to settle. All of them are invited to participate in a limit competition contest in which they will have to prove their worth in a total of 6 children’s games, the winner being the one who wins a millionaire prize.

This series has established itself as the most watched series in the history of the Netflix platform .

Where To Get Squid Game Wallpapers For PC Desktop 2023

If you want to put an image as wallpaper of the Squid game on your computer, you should know that Google Images is an excellent tool to achieve it.

We just have to follow the steps that I indicate below:

  1. We go to Google and write the following keyword «Wallpapers for PC Squid Game» .
  2. In the tab at the top of the search engine we choose “Images” .
  3. We select the image of The Squid Game that we want to set as PC wallpaper .
  4. We right click with the mouse on the photo.
  5. We click on “Save Image As…”.
  1. We choose the name with which we want to save the photo.
  2. We click on “Save” .

There is also the possibility of accessing the images of El Juego Del Squid directly through Google Images through this link .

Best Squid Game Wallpapers For PC 2023

We also have the possibility of finding desktop background images for PC of the Squid Game from a free image bank, such as this one:

How to Put Squid Game Wallpaper in Windows 11 and 10 Easy and Fast 2023

To establish an image of El Juego del Squid as PC desktop wallpaper, just follow the steps that I indicate below:

  1. We select the image with the right mouse button.
  2. In the context menu we select “Set as Desktop Background” .

It is that easy to put a picture of the El Juego Del Squid series on your desktop on your computer .

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