How to put Sticky Notes on the Windows 10 desktop

Did you know that it is possible to put a note on the Windows 10 desktop ? Yes, in addition to echo, it is something that we already talked about in the past about how to export sticky notes from Windows 7 to Windows 10 . Today, however, at we will go further as we will explain the steps to use post it on the desktop of your PC easily and quickly .

What Are Windows 10 Sticky Notes And What Are They For?

If you have ever visited an office, I am sure that you have seen the post it posted as a reminder. Well, the sticky notes in Windows 10 have the same purpose, notes that we can paste on the desktop of our computer to remember things.

How to Activate Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Installing Sticky Notes in Win 10 is very simple , we just have to go to the search bar and write the following:

  • Fast notes.

Now we only have to select the best match.

How are Post it used in Windows 10?

Ok, we already know how to enable sticky notes in Windows 10 , now we will see how they are configured step by step.

Create More Than One Sticky Notes

If we want to clone a note in Win 10 , all we have to do is click on the “+” icon and another post it will automatically appear next to it to continue writing down.

Change Color A Quick Note

We can also change the color of a sticky note , for this we must press the 3 horizontal points on the top right .

Here we can choose a list of colors ranging from: Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Gray and Dark Gray .

How to change the style of a sticky note

Below we can change the font style of our note with the following options:

  • bold .
  • Italics.
  • Underlined.
  • Strikethrough.
  • Turn bullets on or off.

How To Add An Image To A Post It On The Windows 10 Desktop

There is also the possibility of adding an image to our Sticky Notes , to do so we just have to click on “Add Image” and choose the one we like best from our hard drive.

How to Delete a Sticky Note in Windows 10

Deleting Sticky Notes in Win 10 is a simple process that will only take a couple of seconds. To do this, all we have to do is click on the top right where the 3 horizontal points are , as in the photo.

And then we just have to hit it where it says “Delete Note” .

If you have any questions about how to use sticky notes in Windows 10 you can always leave me a comment, I’ll try to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, that would help me a lot to continue developing more tutorials like this one…