How to Read WhatsApp Without Appearing Online

If you are a lover of privacy in WhatsApp, I am more than sure that you are not interested in being added to groups without your permission , you will also have the app locked with a fingerprint and you will even have notifications disabled so that nobody bothers you . However, if there is something that bothers a lot about this application , it is the ease with which other users can know if you are connected . Luckily, in the latest update of this messaging client we are offered the opportunity to hide our connection status so we can read WhatsApp without appearing online.. Would you like to know how to do it? Well, I encourage you to read this MrAppsGeek tutorial to the end , so that you can always stay hidden from snoopers and gossips.

Is Reading WhatsApp Without Being Online Possible?

In the old days we could use some trick to hide online and typing through . So the process could appear somewhat complicated. However, now we can read and respond to WhatsApp without being online thanks to the fact that it has been the same messaging application that has incorporated this new functionality in its latest available version.

How to Read and Answer WhatsApp Without Being Online Step by Step 2023

The first step to read WhatsApp messages without being seen online would be to access the 3 vertical dots that are located just at the top right on the home screen.

A small side menu will appear at the top right where we will have to enter “Settings” .

Then we go to “Account” .

On the next screen we will go to “Privacy” .

We enter where it says “Time of last time and online” .

How to Read WhatsApp Without Being Seen Online Easy and Fast 2023

  1. In “Who can see my last time” we select “Nobody” .
  2. And in “Who can see when I’m online” we select “Same as last time” .

In this way when we connect to the other person we will not appear that we are online.

However, there is a limitation and that is that we will not be able to see when the other person is connected either .

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