How To Receive Soccer Results Notifications

Do you like to watch football ? Well, if you follow LaLiga , I am more than sure that you use an application such as EuroSports or My Bookmarks to find out the sports results . This is all very well, but… did you know that it is possible to receive notifications of soccer results on your mobile thanks to Google ? Well, welcome to a new MrAppsGeek tutorial , in this article we will teach you how to activate soccer push notifications on your device so that you know how your favorite team is doing in position .

How to Activate Football Notifications on Mobile 2023

The first thing we must do is open the Google application with our Gmail account. Once open, we will write “sports” in the search engine and proceed to do a search.

Once done, we will be informed that we are not following teams or leagues to which we will click “add now” .

  1. We mark «Follow LaLiga» .
  2. We select the teams that we want to follow .
  3. Finally we click on “Finish” .

On the next screen we can check the push notifications to receive reminders of matches and results of our favorite teams.

Receive Notifications Of Soccer Results 2023

To receive push notifications from our favorite teams , we must type “Sports” in the search engine again and now we will see the list of all the teams we follow. We will proceed to select one to activate notifications.

Once our team has been selected, we must activate the bell to receive the sports results .

Disable Google Discover Football Notifications Completely 2023

In the event that we get tired of receiving sports notifications, we can always disable football push notifications in Google Discover permanently . To do it we just have to follow the steps indicated in this video.

And just like that you can activate reminder notifications from your favorite football team on your mobile . If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the corresponding section and do not forget that you can share this post with other people who like the “King Sport” with your social networks.