How to record iPhone and iPad screen on computer

It is not the first time that some people ask me what they have to do to record the screen displayed on their iOS device, iPhone or iPad, and take the recording to the computer. They want to share it with friends and acquaintances via social media and messaging apps, or show it to participants in a conference room.

There are some tools that require Jailbreaking the mobile device in order to complete the process. But if we don’t want to complicate our lives, if we want to easily record and save on the computer what appears on the screen of the device, it is best to turn to Apowersoft .

Process to follow to launch Apowersoft, recorder for iPhone and iPad

You have to install the launcher on your computer, with Windows or with macOS, and from there you can make all kinds of recordings. Not only is it possible to make a screenshot of the iPhone or iPad and save it on the computer using the typical image formats, but it is also possible to capture it in the form of videos, including images and sounds.

The program also supports the transfer of documents, photos, music, and any other type of file using the AirPlay function included in iOS devices. You just have to connect device and computer through the same WiFi network.

Settings and options

The program offers various settings, such as the format and the output quality of the video, as well as the directory or folder in which it is to be saved on the computer. There is also the possibility of sharing the videos directly on Facebook or YouTube, as well as uploading them to Dropbox. Videos can be recorded in MP4, WMV, AVI, or FLV formats, among others.

To consider

Here’s what they tell us on the app’s support website: “ Unlike other iPhone screen recording apps that require jailbreaking the phone for screencast, Apowersoft Recorder for iPhone/iPad uses iOS AirPlay to perform screencasting. Mirroring function to transmit videos, photos, music, documents and any other data from iPhone/iPad to computer. This can be easily done by connecting your iOS device to a computer via the same Wi-Fi network and enabling the mirroring feature .”

Access and more…

To get this application access Apowersoft, recorder for iPhone and iPad . It is ideal to show, in addition to what has already been indicated, a presentation on the computer, made with the smartphone or with the tablet . It is also valid for sharing tutorials. With a single click it is possible to record everything that is happening on the screen of the mobile device.