How to record short clips or make video tutorials

You have a website and need to create a tutorial to include on one of the pages, or perhaps you want to build a demo to display on a digital whiteboard in front of your students. For both cases, and for a few more, we recommend that you try FlasBack Express , a free tool that allows you to create all kinds of tutorials and presentations by recording what is happening on your computer screen on video.

What does FlashBack Express offer?

The program is capable of capturing the images that are displayed on the desktop as well as the sound that accompanies them, including the voice messages that you want to add.

Supports recording of the entire screen, a window or a specific area. All this using a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It also allows you to save what is shown on a webcam.

You will be able to share what you have created with a single click by uploading it to YouTube or an FTP server. To share it, you just have to provide a link or embed it in a web page. Everything you have captured can be stored in a file in MP4, AVI or WMV format.


Among the features offered by FlasBack Express, the following stand out:

  • Allows you to take a screenshot anywhere on the PC screen.
  • Webcam footage can be added to any screen recording.
  • Supports adding audio comments.
  • Movies or videos can be recorded without watermarks.
  • There are no limits on video length.
  • In addition to allowing the file created to be shared on YouTube, it is also possible to download it to the computer.

program versions

FlashBack has two versions, Express and Professional or Pro. Express is the only free version. Among the options included in the versionPro and does not contain the Express are the following:

  • Complete video editing package.
  • Add text, images and sounds.
  • Allows you to apply video effects.
  • Supports recording in all known video formats.

Access and more…

The application is compatible with all versions of Windows. To download it you must access FlashBack Express . Try the Express version and, if you consider it necessary, purchase the Pro version .

With the free version you can control the size and quality of the files that are obtained after the creation of a demo or tutorial. The option of using a webcam enriches the work, since it allows adding the clarifications proposed by the creator of the video.