How to recover deleted files on iOS devices

Recovering deleted files on an iPhone, iPad or iPod is something that has to be done quite often. The process presents certain complications if we do not have the appropriate tool. Our proposal focuses on iMyFone D-Back , an application that deals with recovering deleted files on iOS devices, as well as the backup in iTunes or iCloud.

With iMyFone D-Back we will be able to carry out the recovery of WhatsApp data, photos and videos, messages, contacts, and other types of elements, up to a total of 18. The recovery is very fast and simple, you only have to to follow three steps to achieve it.

What does iMyFone D-Back offer?

We have a few photos stored on our device and we don’t want to lose them. If we have trouble viewing photos, here’s how to recover photos from an iPhone that won’t turn on :

  • After installing iMyFone D-Back on the computer and running it, we need to click on Recover from iTunes Backup and then click on the Get Started button .
  • A window will open showing all the types of items that can be recovered. Select Photos from the list and click on the Scan button .
  • You will have to select the appropriate copy that is shown in the following window and then click on the Next button .
  • A scanning process will take place. When finished you will be able to see a preview of the images and proceed to recover the ones you want. You just have to click on Recover to store them on your computer.

Depending on the photos selected, the recovery process will take more or less time. Then we just have to access the folder in which we have saved them on the computer and do what we want with them.

In a similar way, we can recover the photos in iCloud if we have them stored in the Apple cloud. The process to follow is also very simple.

Recover WhatsApp messages

Photo recovery, as we have seen, is very simple. The same happens if we want to recover WhatsApp messages that we have lost. For this we only have to follow the recommendations offered on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone .

You will have to proceed, as we have explained in the previous section, to install and run iMyFone D-Back on the computer . After connecting the iPhone to the computer we can start the recovery. You will have to choose WhatsApp from the displayed list to start the scan.

All existing messages will be displayed. You just have to select the ones you want to proceed with the recovery. With this we will be able to revive what we thought was lost.

To consider

The best way to check what we have indicated is by downloading and starting the application. We won’t regret it if we do. We will discover that its benefits are very high, supported by a very intuitive use, valid for all types of users.

Although iMyFone D-Back is a valid application in many occasions, we can consider it as ideal when an iPhone is damaged or locked, or when relevant data has been accidentally deleted.

In addition to the recovery modes indicated, from iTunes or from iCloud, there is also the so-called Smart recovery and the one that is done directly from the iOS device after connecting it to the computer. And there are still more…