If you work in an office or with documents on a PC I am sure you are very familiar with PDFs. These files are widely used in the administrative field since they are usually used for all kinds of electronic documents such as invoices , delivery notes, receipts , etc. The only problem with these files is that on some occasions they can be somewhat heavy , so sending them through of an email can be a waste of time. But don’t worry, in MrAppsGeek we have the solution since we are going to teach you how to reduce a PDF to the maximum for free without losing quality , in this way you can compress the file up to 80% .

What Is Reducing A PDF And What Is It For?

We call reducing a PDF file the action of compressing this file resulting in its size being drastically reduced without losing quality . This is very useful when sending this document over the Internet since it is smaller so that we can send it much faster.

How to Reduce PDF Without Losing Quality Free 2023

To compress a PDF online for free we are going to use a tool called SmallPDF which has several functions with which to work with this class of files, among which we can easily reduce a PDF in half . To do this we just have to enter the following link:

Once inside we must give it where it says “Choose Files” , as in the photo below.

The next thing we should do is:

  1. We choose the PDF file that we want to compress .
  2. We click on “Open” .

How to Compress PDF to the Maximum 2023

Now we will have 2 options with which we can reduce a PDF so that it weighs less , one is paid and the other is free . Luckily , the free one will be more than enough , so we will click on “Choose Option” to start the compression .

  1. As we have seen in my case, the size of the PDF has been reduced by almost 90% without losing quality .
  2. Finally we click on “Download” .

In this way we can reduce a very heavy PDF online with good quality for free .

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