How to Remaster Photos on Samsung Galaxy

Do you have an image that you like but it looks unclear, with poor quality or somewhat blurry ? Well, you will be happy to know that there are applications like Remini or GFP-GAN that allow you to restore old photos . However, there are other simpler image editing options, in fact, in some Smartphones they are integrated as standard. An example of this are Samsung mobiles that incorporate powerful tools in their same gallery. And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to The MrAppsGeek , because you want to know how to remaster photos on Samsung Galaxy. Well, throughout this simple tutorial we will teach you the necessary steps so that you can do it.

What Is Samsung Image Remastering And What Is It For?

It is a tool that is incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy gallery options that allows you to improve the image quality of a photograph through digital procedures .

How to Remaster Photos on Samsung Galaxy Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to access the Gallery application of our Samsung , we will know which app it is because it has an icon of a flower with a fuchsia background.

Once inside the gallery we will have to choose the photo that we want to remaster .

Once chosen, we must select the 3 vertical points at the bottom right .

Improve Image Quality Of Photos With Samsung Gallery 2023

If you have followed the previous step correctly we will see how a menu with different options is displayed. Well, among all of them the only one that interests us is “Remaster Image” , we select it then.

In the following screen we will see the result:

  1. We can move the image from left to right to see the “Before” and “After” .
  2. We will also have the possibility of downloading the photo with image enhancements to the gallery of our device.
  3. Finally, we will also have the option to share the remastered photo with our friends through social networks.

And here is today’s tutorial, if you want you can share your impressions in the comments section. Do not forget that you would help me a lot if you share this article with your friends through your social networks. Thank you for your time!